Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nail Breakage Nightmare

Oh no oh no oh no, I broke a nail! It sounds pretty superficial when you think about it but ouch, did this ever hurt! And it is going to take forever to grow out again.. But I refused to cut my nails back because of a stupid tear! rah rah rah. This post will be to show how I repaired it. Also, I've kept the same polish I used originally over this repair on for a week! A whole week! I'll show you what I've done to it to keep from losing my mind, stay tuned.
That's the tear, bleh, seeing it again makes my pinky sore. I used a teabag and some nail glue to fix this up, you've probably seen posts about it before.
The glue
A piece of the teabag
You just pop some glue on the nail over the tear and place the teabag strip onto the glue over it. nudge it down with an orange stick or whatever you have on hand and layer a bit of glue over it again, then let the whole shebang dry with the teabag staying flat to your nail and covering the whole tear.
Sorry for the blurriness here, I was in the middle of placing the teabag when I took it.
I had the most difficulty with keeping the teabag in place for this. I ended up using a touch too much glue to attempt to compensate, but I just rubbed it away before it dried and everything was alright. I think I had such a hard time because my pinky is such a small, curvy nail and the teabag wanted to be straight, glue or no glue.
But I managed to get it to stay mostly down with judicious poking. Once it dried I just filed away the excess and smoothed the edges, being very careful not to file away any of my new teabaggy protection.
Isn't it hard to see once it is all dry? With polish over it you couldn't see a bump or anything at all, but I did use a glitter because I was worried it would. I wish I'd experimented with clear top coats to see the visibility of that but who am I kidding, it took me a week to get over this enough to post it!

Anyways, that's a summary of my nail breakage experience, which happened last Sunday. Not fun, this is the first break I've had in.. well years and years and I can't remember when I've done it before, but certainly not ever this badly. But a week has gone by and everything is going well and you'll get to see fun with polish layers and the sheer staying power of indie glitters as a result so I guess it isn't all bad.


  1. this is one of the reasons I prefer to have nubs)) and it uses less polish (that's how stingy I am LOL) But you did a great job of patching that one - hope it lasts)))

    1. Ack, I can see the appeal. It's holding up so far, thanks!


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