Monday, July 16, 2012

Dune Nail Art

I've decided to join in on the 52 week challenge incredibly late, XD hah it's week 42 oh gosh I hope it loops back! But I couldn't resist because week 42 is Inspired by a Book! and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to do Dune.

Look at my beautiful scrunchie! No, you should look at the nail art. For those who haven't read Dune this is the landscape of the planet Arrakis, which is a desert planet and the home of the critter on my ring finger, a Shai-Hulud or sandworm. The sandworm is an absoltively huge creature and I hope that is clear with the help of the sand dunes in the background.
There he is!

If you have read Dune lemme know! I love the books and I just watched the miniseries with my boyfriend last week so I've had it on the brain and I'm planning to re-read it, maybe once I finish this post.

This is a lot of firsts for me, this was my first manicure done with acrylic paint, both because I wanted to try it and because I just don't own that many yellow/orange/brown sand colours. It was also the first time I've done the accent ring and thumb, until now I've done all my nails the same and I really really like it this way, so I'll do a lot more of that. It's also the first time I've done a scene and it was so, so fun.

Oh, also, I've seen in others posts for the 52 week challenge that they include others who are participating, so if anyone could tell me where that list is or how to do it I'd be much obliged.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Dune nails = AWESOMENESS! You doing Dune nails = You AWESOMENESS!

    1. ^^ Woo! You loving Dune nails = More AWESOMENESS

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