Thursday, July 26, 2012

Neon, whoa!

Neons! So here I am testing out my spiffy new neons. It's so bright and wonderful and I'm really happy with it. I sponged this on and didn't use vaseline or anything around my nails so it was a big pain to get all the excess off. I used a white base to ensure the colours got to be as bright as they could so I don't know how well this covers, next time I use it I'll try it without.

If I did this again I would use purple and blue on the outsides because the blend between purple and blue isn't as smooth as I'd like and those two colours are the darkest.
I'd do this blend next time:
purple/pink, pink/orange, orange/yellow, yellow/green, green/blue
For anyone taking a peek backwards, you'll notice I've added a couple more pictures.
I was glancing through my photos and found some really lovely ones. I thought to myself, why did I only post one image for this design? There wasn't a good reason so more pictures for all I say!
For reference, here are the colours again, from Color Club.
Pink: Electro Candy
Purple: Ultra Violet
Blue: Pure Energy
Green: What a Shock!
Yellow: Volt of Light
Orange: Tangerine Scream
Top Coat: Vivid Top Coat

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