Tuesday, July 24, 2012

First Online Haul

Here is my first ever internet nail polish haul! I was so excited I opened it at the bus stop back from the post office! Yay! Peanuts! I got this from Nail Polish Canada and they were really very quick. I ordered this on the 18th and it got here yesterday, the 23rd, which included a weekend.

Here is the neon set I bought from Color Club. It was the Electro Candy set. The colours are really nice and it comes with a colour enhancing top coat which is neat.
Left to right here are the names: Electro Candy, Ultra Violet, Pure Energy, What a Shock!, Volt of Light, Tangerine Scream, Vivid Top Coat

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I also got these two which weren't part of a set. On the left is Worth the Risque, which I've been drooling over on every blog I see it on. It's got a gorgeous silver holographic shimmer from what I've seen and I'm just dying to try it out. As I type I've got the neons on now though so that'll have to wait until I've enjoyed these and posted it here for you.
I also bought a matte top coat from Essie called Matte About You, again because I love what I've seen of matte manicures and wanted to try it for myself. I used it over Misa's Disco Queen before I removed it to try the neons and I was impressed but I'll wait till I've done it over these neons, once I get bored of how shiny they are, to pass judgement.

I also bought myself some teeny tiny brushes from a local art supply store. I'm a painter so I'm in there all the time and get an art student discount.


They are absolutely tiny and I could justify buying them because I'm looking to paint more miniature paintings this fall so they aren't just a hobby splurge. I'm keeping them for acrylic only use for now but that won't be a problem since I have all the colours I could need in acrylics and they work just fine with polish.

I also bought a couple new colours that I didn't think I could mix for myself. The picture doesn't do these paints justice and even though Golden is an expensive brand I'm pretty happy with them.

Ah, so there we have my first haul. All in all I'm pretty happy. I've got another order on the way from Born Pretty, I ordered it at the same time as this one but I haven't even gotten a tracking number yet so I gave up waiting for it to post this.

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