Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I just watch the bees...

Oh Supernatural, you are such a wonderful, marvelous show. I will re-watch and adore you long after you end and I'm counting the seconds until season 8 when I can see you again.

I'm a bit of a Supernatural fan girl, and in order to redirect my frantic need to buy anything with a quote from the show on it in some messed up desire to prove my love for it I've painted my nails with a favourite quote from Castiel.

I really do enjoy this one, although I could stand to redo it all again in order to try and straighten up the text on my thumb and even out the dashes of my bee trail. Mr. Bee himself I adore, so cute. The tips were free-handed and I'm fairly proud of that. My yellow is Sally Hansen's Lightening and it is in need of a bit of thinner, which is in the mail as I type. The gold is Misa's Disco Queen again, any excuse to use it, honestly.

The bee and the black is acrylic done with some tiny little brushes I bought, I'll post more about that later.

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