Friday, July 20, 2012

Tape Troubles and a Dot Design

This began with wanting to test out some beautiful new polish I got for my birthday. The two colours are both from Gosh, the mint is called 597 Miss Minty and the other is 540 Ocean. I'd first attempted to do something fun with taping but it went oh so horribly. I guess I hadn't waited long enough, despite leaving it for another hour every time it still pulled up all the polish below and let me just say now, never again shall I try to tape without sleeping or going about my day first to be sure it really is dry. Look at all the tape I cut into tiny little strips! Grawr!
Individually cut cause I'm crazy

So after metaphorically ripping out my hair for a few hours I gave it up as a bad job and turned to Pixel's Polish for a tutorial I had read while watching polish dry. Thank you for saving my sanity and for this absolutely adorable design idea.

It was quite simple to do and got a lot of compliments. I chose to only dot out one of the sides with stylized drips in mind and I'm pretty happy with how that turned out. I also really like these colours together, although maybe the thickness of Miss Minty is to blame for my taping troubles I forgive it since it's quite pretty, and the shimmer on Ocean is beautiful, this picture doesn't do it justice.


  1. omg... this is one of the prettiest designs I've seen in a lonnnng time. Gorg!

    1. Gosh, thanks a bunch! Pixel, who I got the idea from, has done a few different colour combos with the dots going both ways but I adored these ones together.


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