Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gradient Glitter and an Art Project

I'm a big big fan of this one. Really I am. I was inspired by cutepolish, I adore her work. I went for a brighter pink and a chunkier gold not to make any particular statement, I just love the two polishes I used and was excited to put them together.

I used Sally Hansen Hot Magenta and Misa Disco Queen for this. It was my first time doing a glitter gradient and my first time using Disco Queen and everything went absolutely perfectly. I kept this for as long as I could which was easy because I could touch up chips with the gold without it being noticeable if I went over it all again with a top coat.

Pay no attention to the stuff on my floor in the background, ehehe..
I also used this manicure in an art project, take a look!

Did you spot my second hand yet? I did the painting, arrangement and polish for this and it was a ton of fun, I loved integrating my nail art into my painting and art photography.

Do you like seeing art I've done that relates to or involves nail art, even if it isn't on my nails? Let me know!
Hope you enjoyed this one, I loved doing it.

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