Friday, November 2, 2012

Fishtail Braid in Cool Colours

I hadn't tried a fishtail braid design before now, it's a lot of fun and really very pretty! I chose to use dark colours here so the difference is pretty subtle, I definitely want to try this out with some bright different colours as well for a different effect.
This was freehanded, I considered taping but decided against it, most of the time I managed to keep things pretty even in width. One problem with this type of design is the polish on the tips of your nails can get a little thick if you aren't careful.
I love a good top coat over dark colours, I'm using Seche Vite here. Haven't had a problem with shrinkage since the first time I used it when I put on far too much, maybe wrapping my tips is helping with that.
Thanks for looking!

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