Friday, October 12, 2012

Pink Holo

Oh gosh, I just want to apologize first for the paint on my nails! I had just finished painting and I could have sworn it was all gone until I got a look at these pictures. Good news though, I can say first hand that paint comes right off of your polish, even dry, so these nails aren't like this because it wouldn't come off or anything.

This is a beautiful holo pink by Jade called Deja Vu.
I got it from llarowe, and I'm very happy I did. Shipping across the border is always a slow process and this got held up in customs for a while and was still pretty timely. Plus their selection is just magnificent. I want to buy all the nail polish, really I do.
I chose my photos for lack of paint, so again sorry for not having a bunch for you. But you can see the shimmer of the holo pretty well in them anyways. It was the only rainy day all week when I wore this so I'll have to use it again soon to really get the full impact, I'm glad it is still so pretty out of direct sunlight.

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