Saturday, December 8, 2012

MCC Day 1 - Snow Flakes

Kelly at devilishdesigns is running a Christmas Challenge, and it sounds super fun so I'm excited to be participating. The first day in the challenge is snow flakes, hope you like it!
This is also my first post on the other side of the hellish end of term rush I just got through. Holy moly, I can't believe I'm free! Nothing to do! Well.. except for grad applications and Christmas shopping and post-end-of-term-desperately-needed-now house cleaning and planning to go home for the holidays and.. whoa. Anyways, at least I don't have anymore homework.
 Day one of this challenge is snow flakes. I decided I wanted to go for snowflakes from afar rather than doing closeups of them, and I think I like the abstract-ish snowflake.

 I didn't have this on for long though, since I needed to start the next challenge for the week, don't worry, I'll spread these out more next week.
You'll be getting another post later today probably with Day 2 of the challenge, what with me being so behind on this and all.
Hope you liked this one!


  1. oh awesome! I love... :) you can do them when ever you feel like, dont rush! :))

    1. Thanks! That was something I really liked about your challenge, the flexibility.


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