Saturday, December 8, 2012

MCC Day 2 - Candycanes

Kelly at devilishdesigns is running a Christmas Challenge, and this is Day 2..
Here is a closer shot for you. I like this, its pretty simple but I keep glancing down and smiling, I don't know.
I did this freehand. I considered taping but thinking about all that time waiting for everything to be 100% dry just made me want to pull out my hair, so I took a walk on the wild side. What can I say, I'm just crazy like that.
Right below this is my right hand, you can see that the lines are a little thicker and slightly more woobly, but good try left hand, good try. You didn't embarrass us or anything at least.
Back to my left hand though.
As for the polish I used, the white is Heaven White by Misa, and the pink/red is Sally Hansen's Hi-Res. The green is Sally Hansen's Hi-Def from the same HD set. Over top of it all I used Claire's glow in the dark nail polish, which is a surprise hit for me. I originally bought it just because, well, it was glow in the dark and that was awesome, but it has some great, subtle glitter in it and every time I see my nails glowing it really just tickles me, so I've grown to adore the stuff.
Shew, so that was a lot of pictures, but I had fun with this and the increasingly rare sun was out and shining when I wanted to take my pictures so I indulged. See you for the next day in this challenge!


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