Wednesday, December 12, 2012

MCC Day 3 - Presents

Kelly at devilishdesigns is running a Christmas Challenge, and Day 3 is Presents.
So I just finished applying to the last of my grad schools. I just need to mail out a package with my physical application to the one school that wants physical copies and I'm done. I'm pretty behind in the challenge, what with the last minute rush of my applications, and the plus side to running late is that I got to see Kelly's design for this day before I had painted mine yet. I adore what she did, you should go check it out. Her presents really inspired mine.
 I went with a bow colour that was the same as the background colour on the nail before so I could get a wide range of colours with a bit of order to them as well.
I traced the outlines of the bow with a black striper, but went with a broken, sketched line rather than a careful traced line, I like the movement it gives things, and I don't wrap my presents too neatly, so why should I paint them that way?
There are a lot of colours used here, I'll list them all for you here:
Black: Kiss Black Striper
Yellow: Sally Hansen Lite
Blue: Sally Hansen Blu
Green: Wet 'n Wild SaGreena The Teenage Witch
Purple: Sally Hansen Cyber
Red: Sally Hansen Rapid Red and Cult Nails Charlatan over top for the background. (Rapid Red is the only red I own. Shocker, right? So since I wanted something shimmery I made it myself. Charlatan made things a bit more pink but I'm fine with what I ended up with.)
This day in the challenge has really gotten me psyched for Christmas! Are you excited?


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  2. Im glad I could inspire you, I really love what youve done & I love the outlines


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