Friday, August 31, 2012

Rainbow Branches

I loved this design, I was inspired by Robin Moses for this, her Love Birds design. It's so gorgeous I had to try it myself, although I didn't actually want any love birds in mine.
I did slightly different rainbows on each hand. One slightly warmer and one cooler. It took a lot of attempts to get the lines as thin as possible, so I was glad I layered a thick layer of top coat over the colour so that I could have a couple chances to carefully touch it up without ruining the rest of it.
It took a lot to do this design, rather than naming it all off here is a picture, just leave a comment if anyone has a question about what I used.
Also, was it ever messy to do! Take a look, I got paint everywhere. I think it was worth it though.
What do you think? Also, be sure to check out Robin Moses' designs if you haven't seen them, she has some great ideas and amazing designs. Love em.
Here are links to her youtube and her blog.

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