Monday, August 20, 2012

Rhinestone Flowers

So here I am continuing my fun with my new polish purchases. I'm revisiting the neon and Worth the Risque combo ala flower this time, mostly to give myself an excuse to try rhinestones.

I had fun with this design, although it is a little childish. I don't mind that, I was sick when I did it so it was nice to have some cute neon flowers and jewels to cheer myself up.

This design had a surprising amount of staying power. I had it on for 6 days before a rhinestone came off, although I was sick at home for about 5 days of that. The images above and below are just before I took it off, the orange rhinestone on my pointer finger is the one that came off that morning, you can see the crack in the polish where I bent my nail earlier that day. Replacing the rhinestone was easy as pie, but the crack meant it just couldn't stay, plus I was getting a bit bored with it by then.

All in all, fun, cute, kiddy. I think I might of went a bit overboard with the flowers and the rhinestones and the rainbow of colours though. What do you think?


  1. Oh my gosh I love this! So stinking cute! I don't think it's kiddie at all! I want to try using rhinestones on my nails one of these days! :)


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