Saturday, August 11, 2012

Neon Taping

Hello Internet!
Summer semester exams are right now, and I'm not out of the muck yet but I'm taking a minute to post a design for you and to give myself a bit of a breather.
So, neons are fun but I wanted to try something that wasn't quite so flashy and I wanted to take another swing at taping. Here are the results!
I redid my pointer finger because my boyfriend said that it looked a little funny coming out from the nail bed and he preferred the ones with the colour coming in from the sides, I think I agree.

I really liked the look of this. The Electro Candy neons from Color Club and Worth the Risque are both splendid in their own ways and using them together was great and really complimentary. Also, taping worked very well! YES!
I tried out neon gel powders after I'd had this for a while to get a glow in the dark effect on the colours. I tried very hard to get a photo of it glowing for you but, alas, I didn't succeed. It did glow though and it was neat. Here are my nails with the powder, you can tell it is there and I definitely prefer the look without the powder but I'll keep playing with it and see.

And rhinestones! I put them on just a bit before I took the whole thing off but still, rhinestones!
To finish off this post here is another shot of my nails along with my snake, Abraxas.

Hope you liked!


  1. Your snake is gorgeous! Your nails look really cool up against the patterns on your snake.

    1. Ah yay he sure is gorgeous ^^ You're pretty great you know.


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