Monday, September 30, 2013

#31DC2013 Day 30 - A Tutorial

I almost didn't get this post out to you today because on Sunday we got a cat, and I haven't cared a whit about anything else. He's the sweetest so I'm posting a picture of him too, along with my nails. I want to apologize for the lighting though, I was distracted by my new friend until the sun went down and I realized I hadn't done my nails today. Eep!

I expect many of you will recognize these animated cartoon nails by cutepolish, over on youtube. If not I highly recommend her channel, it's great and I love her videos.

I knew as soon as I started this challenge that this was the tutorial I was going to follow, because as soon as I saw it I loved it. And here is someone else I loved as soon as I saw. Awww..

 Thanks for visiting, see you tomorrow for the very last day of this challenge!


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