Friday, September 6, 2013

#31DC2013 Day 6 - Violet Nails

So, violet is a pretty nice colour isn't it? Reminds me of purple.. psh sorry, I'm feeling pretty silly today, it's my first day of classes as a Master's student, I've got to get my excitement out somehow. I'll pour that energy into the rest of this challenge, maybe get a bit ahead of it so that I have a buffer for super exciting but difficult grad work.

I've got lots of pictures of this one for you, I love photographing glitter polish, it's so sparkly!

The polishes I used here are Color Club Fashion Addict with a thin coat of Cult Nails Charlatan over that for a bit more of a pink shimmer and then Essie Stroke of Brilliance for the glitter gradient on top of that.

That's it for violet, can't wait to do black and white tomorrow! See you then!

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