Sunday, September 8, 2013

#31DC2013 Day 7 - Black and White Nails

This blogging challenge is turning out to be challenging for all the wrong reasons for me. You see, this blog post is being brought to you courtesy of my boyfriend's phone's 3G, tethered to my laptop, because we haven't had internet since yesterday morning. I was lucky enough to have prepped yesterday's post the night before but it left me high and dry with this one. Uploading photos using a phone is just a terror by the way so admire these and the massive effort they took. Fingers crossed our service provider fixes the issue soon, I'll do my best to post tomorrow too.
So about this design rather than my internet woes.. I was going for a very graphic manicure here, I love the sharp contrast with black and white patterns and such, plus practicing my freehand lines is always a plus.
 I'm a huge fan of doing an accent nail, and I like the way this one works, don't you?
I offer this post to the internet gods. Please return to me, I miss you!

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