Saturday, September 28, 2013

#33DC Day 3 - Tape Mani

Oh dear, it isn't Friday anymore.. I'm sorry, I just got a 3DS and Animal Crossing, I don't know where the afternoon went! I started playing it when I ran out of light for taking pictures of my manicure for today since I wasn't really satisfied with what I did and found out first-hand how much of a time sink that game is. So you get a special early Christmas manicure instead! YAY!

I'll save the other one for something more fitting and show off this Christmas mani I did when it was totally not Christmas.

It's a tape mani that I really like and have been saving with the intent of using it at least in December but I've been feeling very festive recently anyways with the rapid approach of Thanksgiving (Canadian, so 2 weeks from now) and turkey and eggnog and pumpkin pie and the colder weather. I'm even earlier than the mall in terms of holiday cheer but that's okay.

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